Road bike, or mountain bike? When choosing different types of bicycles, it is difficult to make a choice and suffer from “selection difficulties”? How can I choose a bicycle that suits me?

As the saying goes, “all of them do their jobs and do their part.” Every bicycle has its strengths and shortcomings. When choosing a bicycle, it depends more on our “flavors”. The environment of riding and the distance of riding are all It is a factor of choice; not much nonsense, the following small series will display a variety of different bicycle types:

1.Road bike

“Light” is synonymous with road vehicles, and it has become the first choice for high-speed travel on paved roads. Large wheel diameters and narrow tires make it have extremely low road resistance, providing higher road speed, but also let it The grip has been reduced, and it is extremely vulnerable to “traps” such as sidewalks and vertical drains. Because the thieves love them in addition to the owners, the vehicles are not conducive to parking and storage, and there is almost no carrying capacity. Aggressive, low comfort, only suitable for sports and competition.

Advantages: light weight and high speed

Disadvantages: the posture is more radical (more ambiguous), the passability is lower, and the carrying capacity is not available.

2. Mountain bike

Mountain bikes, as the name implies, are born for the rugged mountain forest roads; disc brakes, coarse teeth, high strength, and full suspension models, so that more riders can find sufficient riding confidence.

The various technologies on the mountain bike are targeted for mountain road development. If the rider’s “ambition” is not on the off-road, it may be more suitable to choose other types of bicycles. The mountain bike on the paved road is not only suitable. The technique of dragging the feet and buying them heavily is also “to ruin the martial arts.”

Advantages: strong braking force, passability, off-road performance, can cross the mountain forest road

Disadvantages: the weight of the car, the performance of the flat tire is very short, the speed is low.

3. Cross-border models – “Ping Road Bike”

The flat road car is different from the traditional curved road bike. The basic features are flat handle, swallow handle, and the use of road car 700C wheel diameter to match the wider tire, not only can adapt to more road requirements, but also wide tires Providing better comfort, the car is equipped with “V brakes”, “road clamps” and even disc brakes on mountain bikes.

The low-end “flat road bike” transmission uses the internal three-speed and mountain shifting kits, while the high-end models are more high-speed internal shifting or dedicated “flat-road road” shifting kits; bicycle shifting “three Everyone’s Shimano, Campagnolo, and SRAM have their own shifting gears for the “flat”; the flat road bike is designed for comfortable, fast and light riding on the road, mainly for sports, leisure, entertainment, Outing, travel, transportation and commuting.

Advantages: Have the speed and comfortable riding posture of the road car

Disadvantages: basically the same as road vehicles

4. Cross-border type – “mountain carriage”

The basic definition of “mountain carriage” is: use a conventional mountain bike to convert to a high-speed mode equipped with paved roads, and replace the original suspension fork with a hard fork, a slick tire, etc. Pressing the road (only on the paved road) does not participate in off-road.

However, it is inevitable that the “mountain carriage” does not have the off-road performance of a real mountain bike, nor does it have the speed and lightness of a road bike. This mountain bike is trying to cross the border to the “mountain carriage” on the road. Very embarrassing.

Advantages: Have a comfortable riding position for mountain bikes, and can be replaced by accessories to “return to regular”

Disadvantages: speed and weight are not as good as “flat road bike”, not as good as mountain bike, “decathlon, not fine”

5. City leisure bicycle

Urban leisure bicycles carry more of the most original function of bicycles – the most attractive thing is its simplicity. The structure of the whole vehicle is very simple. It has almost the advantage of “maintenance-free”, single speed and internal speed change. It is mainly for the basic riding needs; in recent years, urban recreational vehicles are more close to the “retro”, exquisite, comfortable, and extremely “literary”, it has become a unique landscape in the city.

Advantages: practical, elegant, indestructible (high reliability)

Disadvantages: Due to the main function of its leisure travel, its “heavy and slow” characteristics

6. Travel bike

The station wagon is the second in the “Top List” category. Professional long-distance wagons are mainly steel frames, equipped with road vehicles 700C or more popular mountain bike 26-inch wheels. The targeted design makes it extremely strong, durable and powerful. Let it be easy to “dump home”, carry months of supplies, equipment on the journey.

Advantages: high strength, durability, versatility, and large carrying capacity

Disadvantages: high weight, short-term use is more cumbersome

7.E-Bike (Electric Power Bike)

The biggest difference between E-Bike (electric power-assisted bicycle) and ordinary bicycles and electric vehicles lies in its unique “hybrid power”; “electric power assist” is an organic combination of pedaling torque and motor torque, stepping torque active, motor torque Auxiliary, the motor can be turned off, the pedaling is stopped, but it does not move forward. Unlike a simple electric vehicle, turning the handle automatically advances.

Isn’t riding a bicycle using a human foot? Why do you need other power to help? Mountain biking not only allows the Cavaliers to enjoy the long downhill pleasure, but also encourages the Cavaliers to step on the slopes by their own ability. In reality, not every rider is a professional player (especially a female rider). The leg strength and physical strength that have been exercised for a long time may have been before the pleasure of riding downhill on the mountain road. The uphill section will be tossed and killed, not to mention the downhill riding, while still requiring the Cavaliers’ full strength to control the car, so that the fun of riding this ride will be reduced, and E-Bike, it will be long-distance The “best toy” for mountain bike riding fun.

Advantages: Any rider can easily enjoy a variety of cycling fun

Disadvantages: need to be charged, the body is heavier, more expensive than conventional bicycles

8. Folding bicycle

Folding bikes are the best for short-distance cycling, commuting, mixed-ride (in other modes of transportation or “4+2” cars with folding bikes)

Folding bicycles are the most popular models for office workers in big cities. They are compact and can even be placed under the desk after folding. In some cities in China, during the peak hours of commuting, folding bicycles can also be accessed by buses, subways, etc. Refuted, become the best solution for urban transportation.

Advantages: compact, preferred for urban commuters

Disadvantages: “performance indicators” such as passability, handling, strength, rigidity, comfort, etc. have all declined

9. Folding bicycle extension model – “small wheel diameter”

The “small wheel diameter” has long been popular in the “inch-inch soil” Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other regions for more than a decade, its frame is like a scaled road bike, it is petite, Greatly reduce the space occupied by parking at home, not only to meet the speed of the metropolis people, but also more suitable for the lack of altitude (including female riders) than the big wheel diameter.

Advantages: compact, suitable for riders with insufficient altitude and limited family space

Disadvantages: control performance, comfort and other “performance indicators” are not as good as conventional large wheel diameter models

10.Gravel Bike (gravel, gravel road bike)

Gravel Bike is not the same as Cyclo-Cross/CX, which can be used for commuting, riding, climbing, training, grocery shopping, and even competition (long distance endurance race). “Universal Highway”; simply speaking, the combination of off-road racing (configuration) and endurance race road (comfort geometry); its unique taste, quickly formed a wave of love, loved by North American and Canadian knights, but also from recent years The brand manufacturers can see the change, Gravel Bike has gradually banned the original endurance race, long-distance, comfortable road models.

The cost of assembling or buying an entry-level Gravel Bike is similar to that of a “mountain carriage”, but Gravel Bike has a better paved road speed, lower overall vehicle weight, better comfort, and the same Strong passability, why not?

Advantages: the speed of the road car, the passability of the XC mountain bike, the off-road capability, and the comfortable geometric design.

Disadvantages: Without heavy off-road performance, coarse tires will also reduce their speed on paved roads.

11.Fixed Gear Bike (Fixed Gear)

Fixed Gear, its rear gear and rear wheel hub are completely fixed, while the ordinary bicycle and flywheel are “live”, so the solid-toothed car is also called “dead speed”, just because the flywheel is “Dead”, the rider can use the pedal to control the rear wheel to slow down and brake; of course, from the accident rate that is significantly higher than other models every year, the solid toothed car is still very dangerous when the brakes are not installed, which is harmful to traffic. Large, even some countries have long banned brake-free solid-toothed vehicles on the road.

Not commented

12. “Extreme Sports”

“BMX”, “Climbing Car”, “DJ Car”, “Slope Car”, etc. are all representative of the extreme sports of bicycles. Because they are more technical and action fancy, they are different from ordinary bicycle use. Far away.

The models of the “Extreme Sports” category are also not commented here.