Carbon mountain bicycle enduro rims feature strong, stiff, durable and compliant carbon rims designed for punishment.

Available in 27.5 (650b) and 29-inch versions, two different widths & depths: 35mm wide and 23.5mmdeep version is the most popular shape of carbon mtb rim, it’s enhanced version base on trail 35mm wide rim, more stiff, durable and long lasting, which is perfect for all mountain and enduro mountain bicycle; 42mm wide and 25mm deep version rim is enhanced version base on trail 42mm wide rim, it’s specially designed for customers who likes to rider wide mountain wheelset for better control and fast speed.

These rims are hookless and tubeless ready. We upgraded the hookless design to the next level. Not like the traditional bead hooks “press” tires in, creating a rounded footprint. Our hookless rim is lack of the traditional bead hook, which allows tire sidewalls to form an optimal interface with the rim channel, resulting in a more stable and surfooted point of contact on the trail that maximizes cornering and handling characteristics without risk of burping or rolling. Directional drilling (angled holes) aids in alleviating the additional stress placed on the nipple bed interface.

650b – symmetrical rim profile – AOMX735EN, 23.5mm deep, 35mm external, 29mm internal, 440g.

29er – symmetrical rim profile – AOMX935EN, 23.5mm deep, 35mm external, 29mm internal, 460g.

650b – symmetrical rim profile – AOMX742EN, 25mm deep, 42mm external, 36mm internal, 460g.

29er – symmetrical rim profile – AOMX942EN, 25mm deep, 42mm external, 36mm internal, 480g.

*We offer 4 spoke hole drill models (center or 3mm offset) on the AOMX742EN & AOMX942EN carbon rims.

carbon rim spoke hole drilling

They are ready to take you up the steepest climbs and down the gnarliest descents with more speed and precision that you have experienced before.