Road 350S BIKE Wheels

Road 350S BIKE Wheels

– High level 700c road racing carbon wheels for semi&professional riders.
– Good quality DT swiss 350s straight pull hubs and aero spokes for faster riding speed
– Various rims profile (33/38/44/50/55/88mm) for different terrain riding.
– Road TLR carbon rims with patented resin formula and special layup design, less than 0.5% braking failure;
– Patented layup schedule allow as high as 180psi tire pressure
– Easy tire mount and tubeless ready design
– External&Internal nipple system available
– Accept customized wheels-built&customized branding.


Road 350S BIKE Wheels

Key Features  The Pro High End Road Wheels

  Road TLR carbon rims with patented resin formula, less than 0.5% braking failure

  Patented layup schedule to allow as high as 180psi tire pressure

  Easy tire mount and tubeless ready design

  Aerodynamic profile design

  Professional middle-class carbon racing wheels




Wide Tire Design Series Rim
33/44/55/88 mm Tubular Carbon Rims
33/44/55/88 mm Clincher Carbon Rims


350S Straightpull hubs
Front 20h 5/100mQR
Rear 24h 5/130mm QR Shi-mano 11S, Campy 11S


Rim Brake – Full Carbon brake surface


PSR1420/CX-Ray 4.2g/PC


External/internal alloy nipples or brass nipples

Service Kit

Skewers & brake pads

Max.system weight

110-130 kg

Model (weight with CX Ray Spokes)

All Weight is w/t 5% tolerance

350S-330T (1212g)

350S-440T (1332g)

350S-550T (1372g)

350S-880T (1612g)

350S-330C (1472g)

350S-440C (1552g)

350S-550C (1612g)

350S-880C (1902g)


Hand-built High Precision Carbon Wheels

Wheel Building Technology

All wheels are built in high precision machines via spoke tension trueing by Holland Mechanics Pro Truer.
The perfect allocation of spoke tension in every single spoke in
combination with a comparatively high spoke tension gives many advantages:

– higher radial, lateral and torsional stiffness
– less spoke tension loss over time
– longer durability
– less maintanance efforts like retrueing