Equipment for big health: basic bicycle cleaning guide

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Although many people are still lazy, throw the car into the car shop every time. But if you are riding a bicycle, if you can clean your car in time, the car will benefit in time, saving a lot of unnecessary dirt accumulation, and trouble (and money). Today I want to tell you how to

Twelve bicycle types currently in mainstream

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Road bike, or mountain bike? When choosing different types of bicycles, it is difficult to make a choice and suffer from "selection difficulties"? How can I choose a bicycle that suits me? As the saying goes, "all of them do their jobs and do their part." Every bicycle has its strengths and shortcomings. When choosing


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Q.How to place an order with us? A. E-mail us at [email protected] leave you message and email address under you interested in products form and submit then we will contact with you with 24 hours by email.or call us 86-15258284867 Q.What payment terms did we accept? A.We accept Paypal, Bank transfer, West Union, Credit card

Quality Control

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Carbon Bike Frame Quality Control 1. Check whether there is air leakage when the frame is formed. Put the frame immersed in water, fill the air into the frame by use air gun. If no bubble then determination frame is in good condition, then transfer to the next step. This step was the most strict QC

Rims Prodution

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Aowea bike carbon rim production process Carbon fiber material and air bladders incoming, we use Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber material, and a special material air bladders which produces smoother rim walls; Applying DSC tester to inspect physical properties; Storing in a refrigerating equipment (-5°C) to maintain the activity of resin; Prepreg cutting,

Testing Process

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Quality Examination     The company has purchased a set of latest quality examination equipment, and all the products are being manufactured and examined by strictly following the Examination Standard newly issued by the European Union. What is our frame test item: 1.H/T Stiffness Testing Speed: 50mm/min 90N-m/deg above 2.BB Stiffness Testing Speed: 50mm/min

Development & Design

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CAE design visualization Our engineers create a component on screen using PRO/E – the gold standard for new-product design. Most aerospace and automotive engineers use it for airframes and vehicle structures. Finite-element analysis Now we pass the prototype’s digital design files into FEA for stress testing. We model the forces acting on the

The correct tyre pressure for your bicycle tyres

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The correct tyre pressure for your bicycle tyres Tyre pressure is related to the comfort and safety of your riding, so it's important to choose the correct tyre pressure. In this article, we look at how to choose the best tyre pressure for your riding style and conditions.   The best tyre pressure for your